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Water Ethics

In the context of the current financial crisis, and at a time of deep global change, growing attention is paid to the global norms and ethical values that could underpin future global policy. Water is a key global resource. At the 3rd Marcelino Botin Foundation Water Workshop, held in Santander, Spain, June 12-14, 2007, the role of ethics in the deep roots, values, and the potential commonalities of the global water policy were discussed.
Experts from different cultural, geographic and religious backgrounds considered the different ethical points of view to enhance the debate on how ethical considerations can play a more significant and explicit role in water development and management.
Common ground for all contributing authors was considered to be the UN Declaration of 1948, and more specifically the basic aspects related to water ethics: 1. the dignity of every human being and 2. the necessity of solidarity among all human beings.

The book is divided in 8 sections which correspond to the papers presented at the Workshop:
Some Cultural Traditional Approaches on Water Ethics
Some Ethical Aspects of New Water Management
Water as a Human Right and as an Economic Resource
Water and Poverty
Groundwater Use and its Ethical Aspects
Ethics of Water Ownership and Management
Corruption, Transparency and Participation in the Water Sector
Ethical Aspects of Unforeseen and Extreme Events Management such as Floods and Droughts


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