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Spatial analysis : modelling in a GIS environment

Spatial Analysis: Modelling in a GIS Environment Edited by Paul Longley and Michael Batty Digital data and information are used increasingly by academics, professionals, local authorities, and government departments. Powerful new technologies, such as geographic information systems (GIS), are being developed to analyse such data, and GIS technologies are rapidly becoming part of the emergent world digital infrastructure. This book shows how computer methods of analysis and modelling, built around GIS, can be used to identify ways in which our cities and regions might be better planned and understood. The contributors to this book are all actively involved in research using geographic information systems. This book will be valuable reading for:
* Geographers, researchers, and regional analysts
* Population theorists and regional economists with interests in large-scale demographic and employment data
* Planners and policy-makers who wish to use GIS to improve their decision making
* Business analysts who wish to explore markets using the most recent advances in digital spatial data technology
* All those interested in geodemographics
Paul Longley is Professor of Geography at the Department of Geography, University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Michael Batty is Professor of Spatial Analysis and Planning at the University College London. United Kingdom.


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